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How to actually be more positive – Four pillars to PMA

I decided to run a 28 day Positive Mental Attitude challenge for February 2021. We were(/are) in the midst of our third COVID lockdown, the mood of everyone i knew was low and I thought, let’s pick each other up. Each day contained a small challenge such as texting a... read more

Should we really set New Years Resolutions?

 It’s the first of January and your social media feeds will be full of stuff about last year and next year, what was brilliant and what was terrible. When it comes to goal setting for the year ahead there are generally two schools of thought. One is that there is... read more

Should you go commando to stay warm training outside?

One of our brilliant clients Mark is a sailer and having spent many years out in all weathers he has put together this brilliant advice for us about being out in the cold. As our area goes into tier 4 and we prepare to train more clients outside but also in a year... read more

Are people who exercise on Christmas day really that weird?

As an active family, once my generation of children were young adults we started to go out Christmas morning and have a swim or a gym session. To me, it made total sense for two main reasons. Firstly, never was there a more important day to build a big appetite and... read more

Why you need to stop looking for motivation

Five top tips to get in the zone As a personal trainer I often get asked about motivation a lot. “How do you stay motivated?” “How can you be motivated to train so early in the morning?” “ I wish I was motivated enough to stick with an exercise programme.” In this... read more

Did you see the London Marathon 2.6 challenge yesterday?

Today should have been the London Marathon. If you have never applied for the ballot then you have certainly heard of the event. For many charities it is the biggest fund raising event of the year. Last year in 2019 it raised over £64 million for charities in the UK... read more

What I learned from my first triathlon

A guest blog from one of our clients Mark Firstly I should make it clear that the Brownlee brothers have nothing to fear.  It was a very short Triathlon, what they refer to as a “Super Sprint” although there was not much sprinting in my case.  However very early last... read more

From total beginner to half marathon runner…Lil’s story

“Lilian has found athletics challenging. The positive approach that she adopted earlier in the year appears to have eluded her.” So reads the somewhat negative physical education report from my secondary school years. In fact, if you told my younger self that I would... read more

A look back at 2017 and a look forward to 2018

Hello! If you’re reading this and you’ve been part of our 2017 in someway then can we start with a huge thank you?! It’s been a brilliant year at Lean Body Vision, Mudless Bootcamp and The Earlsdon Running Club. Time to reflect with gratitude and... read more

The jump from 10km to Half Marathon….are you ready?

You’ve got 10km in the bag. What’s next? How to move up to a half marathon. Hitting your first 10km is a brilliant achievement. For so many beginner runners we work with, it’s their main goal. It’s a distance they never thought they’d be able to do as a continuous... read more

Is it possible to change your own beliefs?

Guest blog by Beverley Silverwood, EFT, Reiki and Hypnotherapy practitioner How many times a day do you say or think “I’ve changed my mind”? Just consider…  I’ve just got to have that dress/shirt… maybe I’ll take it back. The music of x is... read more

10 top tips for running with hay fever

Ten top tips for running with hay fever Hay fever is a type of allergic reaction caused by pollen in the air. Grass pollen is the most common allergen (May to August), but tree (February to June) and weed (April to September) pollens can also cause allergic... read more

Some of my best friends are bacteria

GUEST BLOG POST BY REBECCA WINTERS A year ago, very few of us had even heard the term microbiome. Even those of us who work in the field of nutrition have recently discovered a whole new area of science that we knew very little about up until 12 months ago. You may... read more

THE biggest tip for weight loss from a personal trainer…

I’m going to share THE biggest tip for weight loss from a personal trainer… I’ve worked in sport and fitness industry for nearly 15 years. The last seven years been heavily focused in the the field of weight loss, both from an exercise and a nutrition point of... read more

Are you an emotional eater? 5 Top tips to deal with it

Emotional eating is a huge topic and if you’re reading this it’s probably because it’s something that’s concerned you before or perhaps you know someone else struggling with it. As this is such an important topic I have written a blog post but... read more

What’s it like to be a beginner runner?

Paula was one of our very first beginners at the Earlsdon Running Club. Here’s her story about how she started her running journey. “My fitness wasn’t that great before starting the beginners running club sessions, although I had been walking a lot... read more

7 top tips to keep running through winter

It’s cold, it’s miserable, it’s wet and it’s dark. Not exactly a huge draw from the sofa to go for a run is it? But, we know exercise is good for us, we know summer bodies are made in the winter and we know it always feels good when we’ve done it. So, how can we... read more

Why are we getting so fat?

I would normally like to start a blog post with some research or some statistics but you don’t need any for this topic. It’s National Obesity Awareness Week and you know as well as I do, whatever your profession, that obesity is... read more

How to actually achieve your New Years resolutions this year

So it’s the 1st of January (or soon after when you’re reading this) and you really want to make changes this year. You might be feeling inspired by peoples motivational Facebook posts about last year or you might really just want change this year. But how can you set... read more

10 top tips to a slimmer party season

The month of ignore-the-gym-and-party-on is here. It came round quick! The work party is looming, ‘treats’ are in abundance in the office, the family Christmas get-togethers, the friends pre-Christmas meet ups, the social drinks and don’t forget all... read more