One of our brilliant clients Mark is a sailer and having spent many years out in all weathers he has put together this brilliant advice for us about being out in the cold. As our area goes into tier 4 and we prepare to train more clients outside but also in a year where it feels like a lot of people have spent more time outside walking, running or just appreciating nature then we don’t want that to stop as we head into winter. Below are Mark’s brilliant and practical tips to keep you warm on your run, walk or training session. Thank you Mark for putting this together and let us know how you all get on!

“What I have learnt through decades of sailing through the winter


  1. Start warm – don’t get cold before you start, I tighten up and then don’t perform well – keep a jacket etc on until the last possible moment
  2. Wet and wind is more of a problem than cold. To keep the wet and wind out use thin wind-proof top layer ( especially on the body)
  3. Dress in layers – it is really hard to work out what you will need – so be ready to take stuff off – but note next point !!
  4. Commando is better than cotton – anything cotton holds water ( both rain and sweat ) – 2 problems, it increases chill factor and weighs more! So better to have thermal layer next to skin
  5. Thermals – wear them. I have used loads over the years and currently prefer merino wool ones. Don’t spend loads on them £20 per part is plenty but make sure you are ok with feel on your skin ( see above) and they wick well.
  6. Hats – can be good but make sure it stays put when you move – nothing worse than faffing with a hat whilst trying to do a PB
  7. Gloves – tricky balance between warmth, practicality and comfort. I am currently using sealskin as they keep out wet, are very flexible and fit me but grip is not as good as I would like.982444D6-FE49-4DA6-9C54-B0A0967CAADA
  8. After exercise – wrap up again straight away – put that jacket / fleece / joggers etc back on straight away
  9. Open water swimmers are fans of wrapping a hot water bottle in their towel
  10. Hot drinks if you have got cold exercising are great psychologically.  However, I used to make daughters do star jumps to warm up – quite hard in a small tippy boat. Best though is to get out of the wind, take off anything wet ( sweaty) and into a warm shower ASAP
  11. Lastly there is no bad weather only bad clothing – modern tech is great and the sales are on – what more excuse do you need for retail therapy “

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