As an active family, once my generation of children were young adults we started to go out Christm20161211_095525as morning and have a swim or a gym session. To me, it made total sense for two main reasons. Firstly, never was there a more important day to build a big appetite and secondly because i intended to spend most of the rest of the day sat down or eating or both. So why would i NOT want to move first thing?
I didn’t realise till recently this was such a controversial idea. Some people respond like you’ve committed a heinous crime when you include it in the description of your festive plans!
Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending your Christmas day at home, resting, with your children or simply not getting out of your pyjamas. That is all part of the day for some people. But the judgement on people who love a Christmas day park run, a morning swim or a gym workout made me think about our general attitude to exercise.
bald_head_with_antlers_highdefinition_picture_170135The biggest reason I ALWAYS hear for why people are not more active or exercising more is TIME. “I wish i had more time to workout” or “There are just not enough hours in the day”. So at Christmas, when a lot of people have the most amount of time, especially this year with COVID restrictions. What if we changed our attitude to exercise at Christmas and instead of thinking people who workout around Christmas are weird, we just made it part of our activity?
The outdoor ice rinks that are popping up, a run with your nephew, an outdoor (wetsuited!) swim with your uncle or even a gym session with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a HIIT workout or a weights session, it might just be a steps goal or a family walk. I’m going to gift  you this festive season my “Commit To Christmas” challenge. Screen shot the graphic below or pinch it from our social media channels and pick some Christmas Challenges that are good for your physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll see mine below as well as the blank template. Tag us @leanbodyvision in your stories as you commit and tick them off and let’s get active, get outside and have fun with it this year. Let’s not judge people but encourage them and let’s not make excuses either.
You can be merry and have a fitmass this year too!

Six things we can do differently this year to have an active Christmas without being BORING!

1. Arrange a family walk
Big or small, plan some walks in to stretch your legs and get some air. Kids on scooters, going at Grandmas pace or doing laps; it doesn’t matter. Just get out there!
2. Visit a new place
I love walking but we often tend to do the same routes. Ask local friends for a recommendation of a new walk or a new activity like outdoor ice skating or a nature trail. Keep it interesting for everyone and HAVE FUN WITH IT!
3. Find out who else in your life wants to exercise
Maybe your family don’t want to but you have a friend who would love to go for a 5km? Get it in the diary. Do it early if it means it doesn’t interrupt your family time and get it on your commit to Christmas list.
5. Enjoy, i mean REALLY enjoy your treats
It’s so easy at Christmas to just go nuts and eat everything in sight. Instead, pick out some foods you really look forward to at Christmas (you’ll see Terry’s Chocolate Orange on my list) and when you sit and enjoy them, REALLY enjoy them. Have a moment with them. Have fun with them. Don’t just throw them down your neck. If it helps, get them on your list too. Look forward to them and eat them mindfully and appreciate them. You might just find you both enjoy it more and are less likely to binge out and feel awful.
6. Download our commit to Christmas graphic
Choose six things, write them down and stay accountable. Tag us on your social media and encourage others to do the same

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