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Most people have no difficulty understanding what food is good and what food is bad. It’s making the habits of eating good food stick and when it doesn’t, looking at why not that people tend to struggle with. At Lean Body Vision we believe very much that this needs to be tailored to your needs, likes and dislikes, goals and previous diet history. We work with our clients to set goals and targets that are both realistic and sustainable so you don’t need to crash diet, follow a fad or get temporary results. How we can help…

  • One to one coaching
  • Food diary analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Mindset work
  • Tracking your results
  • Accountability including email contact outside your sessions

You can work with our head coach Hannah who is a trained nutrition coach and can guide you through the basics of food diary reviews, fresh ideas and goal setting or you can take a deeper approach and work with our in house nutritionist Kylie.

Not sure what you need? Book a free consultation today by calling Hannah on 07907781497 and we can help put you in the right direction.

Nutrition sessions with Hannah take place in our therapy room on a one to one basis and cost £45 per session. For most people a block of three sessions is sufficient to start making good progress and often all that is needed to get you on the right track. Get in contact today call Hannah 07907781497 or email

Working with a nutrionist

Your Natural Path to Optimal Health

Are you looking for nutrition advice to optimise your health and help alleviate your symptoms? Kylie Peavoy is a registered Nutritional Therapist based at the Lean Body Vision studio and offers in-person consultations.

As a naturopathic practitioner, Kylie takes a holistic approach when comes to her clients’ health, and works on gaining a full understanding of your goals and health history. Not one person is the same and her tailored approach includes building a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow to investigate symptoms and get to the root cause. Our body is constantly trying to rebalance and by providing it with the tools it needs, it can make a huge difference to how you feel.

Whether you are suffering from joint pain, migraines, insomnia, weight gain, feeling tired all the time, anxiety, skin issues, low mood, IBS and digestive complaints, hay fever, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, trying to navigate peri-menopause or have just lost that zest for life, why not book a free 15 minute exploratory call with Kylie to see how she can support you

 What is Nutritional Therapy?

Most of us have no difficulty understanding what’s good for us when it comes to food and what is detrimental to our health, however with so much noise out there on nutrition, engaging with an expert could save you time, effort and money.  The body is constantly in a state of homeostasis which means it is striving to rebalance and once you start to provide it with what it needs, by adding or removing certain elements and nutrients, you can experience huge changes. The by-products of focusing on what each individual body requires can be weight-loss, improved energy levels, a clearer mind, reduced anxiety, better mood, improved digestion, clearer skin, reduced aches and pain relief. We can build up resilience to stressors through nutrition by lessening the burden on the body through balancing blood sugar levels, addressing nutrition deficiencies and supporting gut microbiome imbalances which can impact nutrient absorption.

Nutritional Therapy enables a personalised targeted solution through the support of a qualified health professional such as Kylie to achieve your goals and put you in the best place possible as you move through life. In the initial consultation, everything is taken into consideration when it comes to health, right from birth to the current day, considering medications, supplements, your full health timeline, your environment, stressors, lifestyle habits, cravings, emotional events and food intake, with a view to creating your personalised nutrition plan and with a choice of support options along the way in relation to what you are looking to achieve. You will then implement the recommendations, building healthy habits and focusing on some key areas, with the support of Kylie by your side. You may just need a steer in the right direction or someone to be accountable to, whatever you need, its tailored to you and your lifestyle!

Kylie Headshot KP

Why work with Kylie?

After studying naturopathic nutrition for three years with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Kylie qualified with distinction as a Nutritional Therapist. Considering biomedicine, biochemistry and nutrition, she will take a deep dive into your health history whilst educating you with the knowledge to make transformational changes. Kylie has also gained a coaching and mentoring certificate from the University of Warwick which has shaped her unique approach. Not only is it empowering once you learn information specific to your own health goals and body, but her approach can also support your shift in mindset around food, nutrition and lifestyle that is needed for long lasting change. She will be your cheerleader, and doesn’t hold back!

Kylie also offers functional health testing  through various laboratory tests providing much more detail than a standard test to identify nutrient deficiencies or insufficiencies and imbalances in the body such as private blood analysis, gut testing, hormone testing and adrenal testing. As a qualified nutrigenomics practitioner, she can test your DNA profile to report on genetic predispositions to provide an insight into how we react to certain foods, beverages, supplements and how our various physiological pathways can be impacted. With this knowledge, we can be even more targeted in our approach to personalised nutrition to help you realise your full potential when it comes to health.

How to book

In-person clinic sessions start from £175 for the initial consultation and includes the following:

  • Initial consultation (75 mins)
  • Preparation of nutrition and wellness plan which consists of key recommendations to implement
  • Personalised recipes for inspiration with meal planner options
  • Access to messaging via dedicated app

Follow up sessions at £85

  • 45 minute session to discuss progress
  • Tweaks and additions to initial plan
  • Recipe ideas to take forward

Kylie also offers two 12 week packages for more support:

Kickstart Package 12 weeks £595.00 75 minutes Yes – initially then every 4 weeks you will fill in another diary for review 1 after initial consultation with key foundations to focus on and build upon


Follow up plan at the end of the 3 months


Recipe ideas to get started


Handouts with more info on areas discussed


Yes – messaging available via dedicated app with a 48 hour response Monthly 30 minute check invia phone call or online call 45 minute follow up at the end of the 12 weeks
Feel Brand YOU signature package 12 weeks £1,250.00 90 minutes Yes – initially then every 4 weeks you will fill in another diary for review 1 after initial consultation with key foundations to focus on and build upon


Plan is reviewed and tweaked every 4 weeks to keep on track


Follow up plan at the end of the 6 months


Weekly meal planner with new recipe ideas to use for inspiration


Tips and specific info on your health goals throughout the 12 weeks


Daily log of food intake for regular review and comments

Yes – daily messaging availabilityon WhatsApp for a quicker response rate (within 4 hours) with food logging and reviews Weekly 20 minute check invia phone call or online call 45 minute follow up at the end of the 12 weeks

Drop Kylie an email with any questions or if you would like to book a free 15 minute exploratory call to chat about how she could support you on

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