21 day online nutrition challenge

Want help with weight loss without the hassle of having to be at a certain place at a certain time? Or just need a fresh kick up the back side?

Our former and ever popular 28 day challenge has been replaced with our 21 day challenge. Run remotely so you can join from anywhere.

What you can expect from the challenge

  • Membership to our private Facebook group
  • Daily nutritional education, advice and motivation
  • 21 day supplement programme included
  • Fat and inch loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved hormone balance and digestion
  • Benefit from being part of a like minded support network
  • Guidance and support from qualified nutrition coaches



What can you expect to achieve on the 21 day challenge?

  • An average weight loss of 7 pounds. This will vary and from previous challenges can be anything from 5 pounds to 20 pounds.
  • A reduction in body fat
  • Inch loss – especially from the waist, hips and thighs
  • A increase in energy levels
  • Improvement in skin health – many skin conditions will dramatically improve
  • A significant improvement in digestive and intestinal health
  • A balance in hormones

If you’re ready for change, want to look and feel better then get on board and join us for the best start to the year that you can actually stick to! Get in contact today call Hannah 07907781497 or email hannah@leanbodyvision.com


EAT ME SLIM 6 week online course

Eat Me Slim is a six week online course run with weekly webinars at 8.30pm on a Tuesday night and followed up with a facebook support group and access to two coaches. Eat Me Slim is for anyone who wants to ditch the diet and re educate themselves about clean eating, nourishing the body and getting rid of the band wagon all together instead of being ‘on it’ or ‘off it’!

In the six weeks we cover…Why diets don’t work, Are your hormones making you fat? How gut health effects weight gain, Mindset and exercise, How emotional eating can hold you back and how to use the 80:20 rule. You will also receive an E Manual full of tips, advice and recipes as well as the support of other members of the group.

Six week course is £60 one off payment and we want you to graduate feeling liberated and in control so you never need to diet again.


For more information scroll down to see our flyer or to find out when the next course starts or to ask any questions please email hannah@leanbodyvision.com or call 0790 778 1497 for more info

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