TOTAL BEGININERS six week course

NEXT COURSE: Weds sept 18th 6pm 2024



A six week course designed to get you from complete beginner to a runner. This is a course for complete beginners who are either totally new to running or perhaps haven’t done any for a long time. It is a six week course that gets you from being a total novice to being a runner with homework to complete between each class. The course runs at once per week for six weeks and you will also be given homework to do between sessions. We go through running technique, breathing and core exercises as well as working through a a walk/run programme to build stamina and fitness. The course is £30 for the full six weeks. This course is open to over 18’s subject to your health questionnaire review. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us

Next course: Weds 18th Sept 6pm 2024

Please note: BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN This course is payable in advance and refunds can only be offered with 48 hours or more notice. You must be available for the full six weeks to get the full benefit of the course. You must complete the booking form including any detail about injuries or medication so we know it is safe for you to run. Please update us with any changes to your health or wellbeing that might effect your running. This course sells out quickly so don’t hesitate. Scroll down to complete your booking form and pre pay for your course. If you have any questions just email You can also join our members FACEBOOK GROUP or our members WHATSAPP GROUP where your homework will be posted each week.

NEXT COURSE DATE: SEPTEMBER 18th Wednesday 6pm 2024