Thank you for wanting to book your sports massage appointment with us. Please thoroughly read through the note below or watch our video with instructions for how things work with COVID 19 safety measures in place and then use the link at the bottom of the page to book and pay for your appointment. We re open post lockdown 3.0 Thursday 15th April 2021 all being well with government guidance.

Lean Body Vision Covid-19 policy for
sports and pregnancy massage

april 2021
Things we are already doing that we will continue to do…

  • Massage therapist personal hygiene including Short, clean nails and hair tied back
  • Hand washing before and after every client
  • Disposable paper couch roll used with every client and changed with every client
  • Couch face hole disinfected after every client
  • Clean towels and pillow cases used with every client
  • Pillow cases, towels and couch covers washed at minimum 60 degrees after every client
  • Using a closed lidded bin for waste

Things we will be doing additionally with extra Covid precautioins…

  • Massage therapist wearing face coverings and extra PPE for face to face talking and freatments
  • Providing clients with a sanitised box for placing personal items in (phone, keys, clothing etc) that is cleaned and sanitised after each client
  • Disinfecting all client furniture including tables, door handles and chairs after every client
  • Ensuring clients wash hands or use anti bac gel on arrival and departure on every visit
  • Spacing appointments so clients do not pass each other
  • Providing anti bacterial gel of 70% alcohol+
  • Deep cleaning weekly
  • Putting hand wash guides in each toilet
  • Stopping accepting cash
  • Creating a Covid-19 policy
  • Being more flexible with our client cancellation policy for anyone with Covid symptoms to allow cancellation without charge
  • Opening our therapy room outside door and windows to allow for ventilation through the room
  • Daily waste disposal removal from therapy room
  • Collecting extra client data digitally before a visit including confirmation the client has no Covid-19 symptoms of high temperature, cough, shortness of breath or change (including loss of) in taste or smell

What we need from you as a client…

  • Please confirm before each appointment that you have no Covid-19 symptoms and please cancel your appointment if you do or you have been told to isolate
  • On arrival and departure please wash your hands thoroughly using the hand wash guide shown in each toilet or use anti bac gel provided
  • Please place your personal belongings only in the designated box and avoid touch things you don’t need to
  • Please make payment online, bank transfer or card to avoid exchanging cash
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment (not early) to avoid meeting another client if you are too early or causing your therapist to run over if you are late. When you arrive, wait outside for your therapist to come and get you.
  • Please wear your own face covering or mask for the time we are speaking face to face and if you have a face up treatment
  • Please tell us if there is anything else we can do to make you feel safe and well looked after and thank you so much for supporting our small business and helping us stay safe.

Hannah and the team at Lean Body Vision

If it is your first ever appoinemnt for sports massage please CLICK HERE to complete a new client form. We MUST have this form 24 hours before your appointment. Thank you!

If you have had treatment with us before you do not need to complete the form again but please let us know if anything at all has changed with your health and wellbeing since you last completed it. Thank you!

To book your appointment

Please create a free account with PT minder using the calendar below to select your appointment and pre pay to avoid exchanging cash. You can also download PT minders free app to easily book, edit and view your appointment. Please note all appointments are subject to 24 hour notice cancellation policy. Full payment will be taken with less then 24 hours notice unless you are experiencing COVD 19 symptoms. Scroll down for appointments or CLICK HERE to view the full appointment calendar and click ‘BOOK CLASSES’

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