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Pending governement ok we hope to re open our therapy room Thursday 15th April 2021. Bookings for sports massage will re open Monday 5th April on a first come, first served basis.

Therapies that take place in our therapy room

Sports massage therapy – For sports injuries, stress injuries or if you just need to give your sore muscles some TLC. Treatments are £42 and are a minimum of 45minutes (sometimes we will run over if needed). Treatments take place in the therapy room at the Lean Body Vision studio by appointment only.

We hope to re open Thursday 15th April 2021 and bookings will open Monday 5th April 2021.

CLICK HERE for more info on COVID safe sports massage. CLICK HERE if it is your first treament with us to complete your new client form or  CLICK HERE to go straight to the appointment booking system if you have booked with us before.
Tel: 07907781497

Hypnotherapy/EFT/Reiki – Contact Beverly Silverwood
Tel: 07762 761 891

Life Coaching – Contact Stacey Bailey

Nutrition Advice – Contact Hannah Talbot
Tel: 07907781497

Reboot and Release – Courses for people looking for a new sense of direction, purpose or help with where your life is going email Ros on

sports tapping

What is sports taping?

Sports taping is used to support joints, restrict movement or stabilise damaged ligaments or tendons. It supports injuries by compressing and limiting movement using rigid and semi rigid tape. Taping is used in conjunction with a thorough rehabilitation programme to assist in joint repair and muscle recovery.

You may have seen sports players like rugby and tennis athletes with sports taping on to assist them during a game with injury.

We use sports taping to help clients when they’re in pain and needing to get on with an activity. We use it in conjunction with sports massage and Instrument Assisted Massage to help aid recovery as well as injury rehabilitation with personal training.

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